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2023 Impact Video


The Southeast Ventura County YMCA builds relationships, impacts lives and strengthens our community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.


In the early 1930s, Joel and Frances McCrea established a working ranch in the Santa Rosa Valley. They fell in love with this area and decided to make it their home and raise their family here.

They were strong believers in community, so when they were approached by a small number of community leaders with the idea of starting a YMCA, they happily jumped on board and 35 acres of land to build the first Y in Southeast Ventura County, the Conejo Valley YMCA.  That first Y began in 1964 as one small effort to serve the community. As the needs in the community grew, so did the Y.

Today, we honor their legacy by staying true to our YMCA core values while keeping our doors open to all who need our programs and services.







As the nation’s leading nonprofit, the Y makes accessible the support and opportunities that empower people and communities to learn, grow and thrive. With a focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Y nurtures the potential of every youth and teen, improves the nation’s health and well-being, and provides opportunities to give back and support neighbors.

There is no other nonprofit quite like the Y. That’s because in communities across Ventura and Los Angeles Counties, we have the presence and partnerships to both promise and deliver lasting personal and social change.

  • The Y is community centered.
  • The Y brings people together. We connect people of all ages and backgrounds to bridge the gaps in community needs.
  • The Y nurtures potential. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.
  • The Y has local presence and national reach. We mobilize local communities to effect lasting, meaningful change.

The Y is, and always will be, dedicated to building healthy, confident, connected and secure children, adults, families and communities. Every day our impact is felt when an individual makes a healthy choice, when a mentor inspires a child, and when a community comes together for the common good.






Being a lifeguard at the YMCA has helped me grow as a person. I get the chance to interact with members of our community from all walks of life and backgrounds. I’m continuously learning through the training the Y offers as well as my fellow co-workers on the job. I like how we support each other and how we work as a team. Being an SLI (Swim Lesson Instructor) at the Y has been a blessing for me. I have an opportunity to be around the sport I love while impacting kids in pursuing the love of swimming.


Our family has been a part of the MATES YMCA after school care for eight years and it has been an incredible part of our lives. We have been very thankful for the annual financial assistance we have received for the majority of those years.

Everyone has a story, and from the “outside” perspective most people would not understand why we would even be considered for assistance.  However, given the chance to explain our circumstances including job loss and career challenges over the years, allowed us to have a little help, especially with having two children overlap in childcare for several years. After school childcare has been invaluable for our family, knowing our children were in a safe, comfortable space with so many aspects of engagement including homework help, art, physical activity, and just plain “fun” time. My oldest daughter even mentioned she might want to consider teaching as a profession, and has also already committed the majority of Summer 2024 to the LIT program.

Personally, I have had the privilege of seeing many of the consistent counselors grow in their own professional development and achieve next levels in their careers. Above all I consider many of them as friends who have had an incredible impact on the lives of my children, and that gratefulness is hard to put into words.

- Mates Family


Since Abigail started Find My Genius, our house has been much more peaceful. Her homework gets done during the program, and we can go home and enjoy each other’s company. Find My Genius has allowed for more quality family time, and I have peace of mind that Abigail is receiving the support she needs with her school work.

-Diana E. FMG Afterschool Parent

Abigail - FMG

What does the YMCA means to me? It is a safe place for my children to hang out after school, a place where they can get help with homework. It has been a blessing for me during a very difficult year. FMG and the child care teams are amazing, kind and caring. My children look forward to seeing all of you every day. In a short amount of time, the Y has come to mean family, friends and a constant in our lives. I am beyond grateful to you all.

Truly I could go on, but I know this needs to be on the shorter side. The Senior Child Care Director has been there listening to me cry so many times. Losing my husband, my children’s dad, was the hardest thing in the world. You all have made the healing process easier for us. Thank you.

Love and hugs, 
Tina P.

Child Care Image

Joining the YMCA was the best addition to my life. The facility has wonderful staff who are eager to support you anyway they can. They are positive and want to see you succeed. They challenge you to be the best you can be. I joined to focus on building my confidence, to live independently longer, lower the risk of falling, support and increased coordination and balance, build confidence and support mental agility. The YMCA accepts most medical insurances, the only cost is my personal investment.

- Carrie S.

Carrie Impact Story

The YMCA represents a strong family support system. Every employee that we have gotten to know over the years through the childcare program is appreciated and loved more than they will ever know.  They are also the unsung heroes of our community. When our governor publicly declared childcare givers as front line workers after the start of the pandemic, the YMCA staff hit the ground running. They created the most amazing summer camp experience for the kids. Every year they raise the bar higher and higher. The YMCA is an absolute blessing.

The Kelley Family

Kelley Family Impact Image

I started coming to this YMCA 2 years ago. I have continued driving 20 miles every day to this location because I feel a sense of community here, the staff is very welcoming and friendly and is always very helpful and even provides encouragement to help keep me motivated. I am happy with my growth and progress physically and also internally. Thanks to everyone at  the YMCA in Simi Valley.

- Jeremiah B.

Jeremiah's Impact Story

My name is Susana and we have had a family membership for 5 years. In the beginning, I was just bringing my sons in for youth classes.  I was looking for activities that would keep them busy and give them a break from electronics.  Both my sons, loved each activity they were enrolled in, with boxing as their favorite.  Then, one day a person working at the front desk encouraged me to utilize the gym and take the classes. I took the advice and have been extremely active since then and love it!  I feel so much better physically and mentally. Also, the social aspect has been wonderful as the Y is so welcoming and the staff so friendly. My husband was also encouraged by the front desk to try the gym and he quickly became a regular 3-times per week and really likes the fitness staff! He also feels better.  We love the Y and tell all our friends to join!


The YMCA summer camp has been a fun, interactive, safe place for my kids to attend over the summer. Each day the kids are greeted by a friendly camp counselor, camp has weekly themes, activities, crafts and special events planned. The campers are able to spend the summer outdoors with peers of their age group, and have fun! This year, my son was able to participate in the LIT program. He enjoyed being a part of the leadership team. It allowed him to gain knowledge as a counselor, help plan activities and develop independence. The staff communicates openly, are supportive of my family’s needs and attentive to my kids. I look forward to hearing about the adventures my kids will have at summer camp next year.

- Miles

Miles Impact Story