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At the Y, we believe healthy living has as much to do with pursuing interests, passions and learning new things as it does with eating healthy and being active. Our minds and spirits need stimulus and enrichment, and we get so much more from life when we find things—and people—that inspire us.




  • TWO CLASS MAXIMUM: Each child is allowed to register for TWO classes in a session.
  • LATE POLICY: If you arrive more than 5 minutes after the start of a 30 minute class or 10 minutes after a 45 minute class, you will not be permitted to take the class.
    • A child may be on the waitlist for more than two classes while also being registered in two classes.
  • WAITLIST: Parent will be notified if a spot has become available in a class their child is on the waitlist for.
    • Once staff has notified the parents of the child’s registration into the class and removal from the waitlist, can they join the class.
  • CLASS AGE REQUIREMENTS: All classes offered have set age requirements that will be followed.
    • If a child is on the cusp of an age restriction, please email to discuss registering for the older class.
  • Children are allowed to bring a water bottle and dance/gym bag to movement/sports classes. Please leave all other belongings with adult.
  • Children 6 years and younger must accompanied by parent/adult responsible for them, to the restrooms located inside the fitness facility.
  • Parents are not allowed to leave while child is in class. They must stay the entirety of the class time and be available if their children need assistance.
    • Parents and/or adults responsible for the child may wait outside class area or workout in the fitness area (if membership allows). 
    • Children may not be left unattended in between class end and start times.
  • Children must wear closed-toe shoes for all sports classes, indoors and outdoors.
  • Registrations for session based classes will open two weeks prior to the start of a new session.
    • Session based registrations are made through our website or the front desk staff.
    • Once a session has begun, registrations will need to be made through the front desk staff.
  • Reservations from drop in classes open up 49 hours prior to the start of class.
  • Reservations must be made on our app for drop in classes. If there is no one signed up 2 hours prior to the start of the class, the class will be cancelled.
  • After second week of classes, we will not be accommodating any class changes.
    • Parents can choose to drop the child from the class they are registered in but after the second week of the session, they will not be able to switch to a different class that has available spots.

Program Session-Based Classes

  • Sign up for class when registration opens
  • Class Supplies Fee
    • Some classes will have a minimal supplies fee that will be due at registration
  • Sessions are 6 weeks long
    • Child will be registered to participate in the entire 6 weeks of classes.
    • Parents will not need to reserve a spot in the class on the app. They can just show up to the class on the days it is scheduled.
    • The classes will be progressive with the students displaying skills and knowledge focused on during the 6 weeks.
    • We do not allow drop-ins to these classes.
    • Each child may only register for two classes per session
    • If the class is full upon registration, you will be placed on a wait list

Reservation-Based Classes

  • Members continue to use the app to reserve spots in class up to 49 hours in advance
  • Classes are an added value to monthly membership fee
  • Reserve a spot in class every time you would like your child to join


Program Participants and Guests:

Are you a current or past Program Participant? If so use your phone number to access your online account. If you cannot remember your password or haven’t set one up yet, please click forgot password to get an access code emailed or text to you.

Not a Y Member? Non-Members pay no membership or joining fees and have access to most Y programs as Program Participants. To register you will need to set up a free non-membership account and you can begin your easy online registration:

STEP 1: Select the program location from the childcare option you are looking at.

STEP 2: You will be taken to our online portal for registration.

  • If you are already a MEMBER please sign in by clicking Log-In in the top righthand corner using the phone number associated with your membership.
  • If you are registering as a NON-MEMBER, click the link in the top right corner that says, "SIGN UP"

STEP 3: ON THE NEXT SCREEN, SELECT the membership option that you would like to register for.


STEP 5: COMPLETE THE INFORMATION FORM WITH YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION. At the bottom of the screen, you will be able to save your non-member record with the option of adding any additional adults or children for whom you will be registering. Once you have finished adding additional individuals to your account, click next.

STEP 6: ENTER AN EMAIL AND SELECT A PASSWORD TO COMPLETE CREATION OF YOUR Y ONLINE ACCOUNT. You can now begin to search and register for programs!

QUESTIONS? Please call our branch location numbers listed below and they should be able to assist you! View branch hours HERE