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At the Y, we believe healthy living has as much to do with pursuing interests, passions and learning new things as it does with eating healthy and being active. Our minds and spirits need stimulus and enrichment, and we get so much more from life when we find things—and people—that inspire us.



At Simi Valley YMCA, we offer a variety of enrichment class for all ages including Youth Boxing, Preschool Ballet, Baby and Me Little Groovers, Preschool Hip Hop, Story Time, Kids' Yoga and Youth Fitness! Click on the link to view the schedule! Reservations are required to attend classes on our website or on the app.



At Yarrow Family YMCA, we offer a variety of enrichment class for all ages including Baby & Me Little Groovers, Story Time, Tumbling, Yoga, Family Hip Hop, Cartooning and so much more! Reservations are required to attend classes on our website or on the app. We also offer session-based classes that require registration and have a small material fee associated with them.






  • All children 2-12 years must wear a mask at all times.
  • Yarrow Family YMCA Enrichment Classes: Check in at the membership desk located in the main entrance.
  • Simi Valley YMCA Enrichment Classes: Check in with the attendant on duty in main entrance.
  • LATE POLICY: If you arrive more than 5 minutes after the start of any class, you will not be permitted to take the class.
  • Parents must wear a mask while dropping off and picking up their children.
  • Children are allowed to bring a water bottle and a towel or mat for them to sit on to class. All other belongings will not be permitted into the class location.
  • Children 6 years and younger must accompanied to the restrooms located inside the fitness facility.
  • Apply sunscreen and anything else you see personally important before you exit your vehicle.
  • Parents are not allowed to leave while child is in class. They must stay the entirety of the class time and be available if their children need assistance.
    • Parents and/or adults responsible for the child may wait in the class area, personal vehicle, or workout in the outdoor fitness area (if membership allows). 
    • Children may not be left unattended in between class end and start times.
  • Children must wear closed-toe shoes for outdoor classes.
  • Reservations open up 49 hours prior to the start of class.
  • Reservations must be made on our app. If there is no one signed up 2 hours prior to the start of the class, the class will be cancelled.



  1. You must cancel your reservations more than 6 hours of your reserved time slot.
  2. If you do not cancel within the 6 hours and cannot attend the class or time slot, that will be considered a late cancellation.
  3. You are only allowed 3 late cancellations per month. If you hit the 3rd cancellation, your reservation account will be frozen for the remainder of that month and you will not be allowed to reserve a time slot until the next month (you will still have access to our Virtual Classes). You are able to walk in if there is space available, however you are not guaranteed a spot.
  4. On the 1st of each month, your late cancellation record starts over.
  5. We understand that there may be a morning that you wake up and are unable to make your class/time slot. If it is less than 6 hours prior to the start of your class, it will still be counted as one of your late cancellations.