Yoga Stretching
1. Get Some Sleep

You're never too old for a bedtime. Getting enough sleep is crucial for cognitive function that helps you to make healthy decisions throughout the day.

2. Love Your Workout

It might sound like the opposite of a long bubble bath, but finding a workout that you love is the key to taking really good care of yourself. Taking classes at the Y is a great way to find the workout for you. Start with what you know and then build from there. Keep trying until you find the class for you. Stay Motivated.

3. Unplug

It's no surprise that we spend a ton of time in front of computers, tablets, cell phones, and TVs. Give your brain a break and do some analog hobbies. Try doodling, writing, reading, catching up with friends IRL or crafting. Sitting in silence, meditation or yoga could be a great way of unplugging as well.

4. Eat Mindfully

Eating well is one part what you eat, and part how you eat. For your body to be is most happy, glowy, healthy self, eat whole foods—grains, vegetables and your protein of choice. That's pretty basic nutrition. But have you considered how you eat? Eating undistracted, as in not in front of the TV, scrolling through your phone, reading this blog or while working at your desk. Eating undistracted is a great way to be a mindful eater and pay close attention to the cues your body is giving you. Taking care of yourself largely relies on you listening to your body's messages.

5. Breathe

Be mindful of your schedule and the time you have available to workout. Some days you may have an hour to workout and other days you may only have 10 minutes to work out. That’s okay! Stay motivated to move.

Take time to come back to your breath. Try inhaling for five counts and exhaling for five counts three times. Somedays will be easier than others. It is important to remember to breathe through your day. Staying in in tune with yourself and breathe can be done at any time of the day.